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Max is 18 years old and was born in Washington D.C. He graduates high school this spring and is unsure of where he’s going to college but is very excited for college and plans on studying political science and history. Max’s first year at camp was in 2013 when he was 12 and has made some of the best memories of his life coming back every summer since. Max’s parents noticed a change in him right away after going to camp. He was more confident and outgoing and started thriving more in school as a result. For Max, the best part about going to camp is being in an environment where everyone is encouraged to simply be themselves without worrying about what others think. He finished his CIT year last summer and can’t wait to start coming to camp as a counselor and give the same great experience he’s had with Adirondack to his campers this summer when he’s working as a kayaking instructor. Max started kayaking five years ago, and it became his favorite activity at camp and is one of the things he looks forward to the most each summer. Max has won a few awards in his years at ADK, including the John Halasz Spirit Award, the Geoffrey Harrington Waterfront Trophy, and had his name engraved on the Kayaking Plaque two years in a row.

As an Eagle Scout, Max is an avid outdoorsman and other than kayaking he enjoys all the Adirondacks have to offer, including backpacking, rock climbing, canoeing, and fishing.

In the wintertime when he’s not at camp, Max loves snowboarding and playing on his school’s ice hockey team.