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Waterfront Director

This will be Ryan’s 12th summer as the Waterfront Director at Adirondack Camp and his 15th summer overall. Ryan got his start at camp in 1998 as the head of windsurfing. He came to teach windsurfing but ended up filling multiple roles on the waterfront. In 2007 he and his wife Abby (also a former ADK counselor) came back along with their two oldest boys, Trey and Keegan. Since then, their family has grown with the addition of two more boys, Ryer and Tagg.

When not at camp, Ryan teaches 8th-grade math and US history at Holland Early College in Holland, Michigan. He was named Teacher of the Year in 2017 but he would still tell most people that he teaches just to support his career at camp! He spends most of free time having adventures with his family on the water, the soccer field and the ski slopes of the Mitten State but he sneaks in the time to train for a marathon whenever he gets the chance. Ryan’s passion is to support our staff in setting up our campers for life-changing experiences on the water. He believes that waterfront activities provide kids with a safe environment to take healthy risks and his daily mission at camp is to help make this happen. Ryan is a recipient of the Adirondack Eagle and the camp’s windsurfing plaque is named in his honor.