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Dining Hall Liaison

Stephen was born and raised in Albany, NY. When he first arrived at Adirondack Camp in 1985 he was the youngest camper and in his last summer there in 1992 he was the oldest. The experiences and the friendships he had on the peninsula were never forgotten and he swore that he would return to camp whenever possible. In 2002 he returned as a staff member after living in NYC for two years following his graduation from Union College in 1999 with a Bachelors in History. He has been living in Florida for the past five years and has been yearning to return to his favorite place on earth, Adirondack Camp. Having recently turned 39 he looks forward to kayaking on Lake George and throwing the frisbee on the ball-field this summer and hopefully many more. During his free time Bogdan enjoys spinning house music, playing all sports and spending time with friends.