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ADK Landsports: Archery

Archery summer camps allow kids to gain experience with all the necessary equipment. From re-curves for beginners to quality competition archery bows with sights and aluminum arrows for advanced competitors to the great leveler high tech Genesis bows that level the playing field between little kids with short arms and big kids with long arms. At archery camps for kids, every summer camper has the chance to become the next Robin of Loxely (aka Robin Hood) or even the famous William Tell (though we do not shoot apples off our heads).

Each member of our archery camp staff is certified as a National Archery Association Level 1 instructor and is trained and supervised by Ron Kumetz, our senior archery advisor, who is a NAA Level 3 coach. That means champion archer!

The targets are large, modern foam circles with small, daring bulls-eyes. As soon as you master them at one distance, we move them back further…and further…and further. Everyone says the best thing about the summer camp archery field is the big net behind all the targets that catches the few random arrows before they go off into the woods.
Archery is an Olympic sport. It is also a terrific solitaire sport – that is, it can be fun just to always be going for personal bests. Campers can even earn NAA Camp Archery awards on their way to becoming archery summer camp champions.

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