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ADK Landsports: Beach Volleyball

A Girl Playing Volleyball at Adirondack, a Summer Camp for GIrls and Boys

We do volleyball camp for kids our way at Adirondack. The big change is that we play on sand–Lake George beach volleyball. Instead of two person teams, we go with six person teams as in indoor volleyball. We follow the basic rules of regular volleyball camps in some ways, and beach volleyball camps in others. Located near the Mess Hall, our sand-filled beach volleyball-style court is nestled between the trees and the water below the senior boys’ cabin line. In this one-week activity, campers will learn how to serve, bump, and pass the volleyball to each other in this fun kid camp activity open for all ages. Younger summer camp kids often start out with Newcomb before working their way up to traditional summer camp volleyball.

You will learn all the rules and techniques of volleyball, while you improve your serving, bumping and passing skills. The game is one of quick reaction, jumping capability and smooth communication with your teammates. You will learn the different hand signals that are made between teammates (often behind the back, to avoid the opposition seeing the signals) to signal moves like the type of block the signaler intends to put up against an attack from the other side or exactly where the signaler would like his server to serve the ball.

Most important, you will have enormous fun on the only beach volleyball court (that we know of) in the Adirondack Mountains! It’s summer volleyball camp for kids Adirondack Style!

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