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ADK Landsports: Landsports Camp

Our summer camp for kids isn’t all about Lake George. The sport camp activities we offer on our beautiful peninsula are as fun and exciting as those on the water. In any given activity period the basketball camp courts and tennis camp courts are awash with happy campers. Arrows hum at the archery camp range. Foils clash in the “Sir” John Halasz Fencing Pavilion, home to our fencing camp. Sand scatters at every meeting of teams at our volleyball camp. Summer sports campers romp about the giant ball field for all sorts of sports ranging from a scrimmage at soccer camp to softball, touch rugby and European handball!

Campers also love the less conventional summer camp sports offered throughout the summer at Adirondack like swing dancing, BASE-ketball, kickball, land hockey, extreme Frisbee and the ever-popular circus fun, where campers learn to clown, juggle, walk on stilts, and other such 3-ring antics. All of these activities are taught at our sports camp by the team of trained professionals and are open to summer camp kids of every age and ability level, guaranteeing fun and exciting opportunities for all our land-lovers.

Adirondack sports camp programs target individual skill development as well as the team ideals of sportsmanship and camaraderie. Our lesson plans are designed such that they accommodate both playful and serious young sportsmen and women. As campers grow and learn in each activity, they can increase their level of training based on the particular skill sets they acquire, giving them concrete and tangible incentives to continue to achieve. At our sports summer camp, it is our goal for campers to achieve throughout their stay, gaining more and more advanced skills, and “having a ball” while doing so.

Psst! Don’t forget to sign up for World Cup soccer tournament! Just awesome!

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