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ADK Arts: Performing Arts

At Adirondack, our performing arts summer camp program called ENCORE! – (ENcouragement, COnfidence, REspect) strives, through music, theater and dance, to bring forth the confidence necessary for every young person to shine both on and off the stage.

A Boy Playing a Trumpet at Traditional Overnight Camp

Performing in front of a live audience creates a sense of self-assurance and the ability to stand up anywhere and speak to anyone with conviction. You put your heart into your performance, and we promise you positive feedback from an unconditionally receptive audience that will be your partner in success. Whatever the creative endeavor–a musical role in a scene from Mary Poppins, learning the dance moves to Thriller, stand-up comedy, storytelling, jam sessions (bring your own instruments, or borrow ours), composing or singing a song or writing a play – you can do it here at Adirondack.

Performing Arts Summer Camp Activities:


Do you make up silly dances with your friends for fun? Here at Adirondack Camp, it isn’t about the skills you know or even how many years you’ve been dancing, it is about having fun and being in an environment where you can be yourself, learn and let loose!

The Dance program at Adirondack gives every camper a chance to explore a variety of dance techniques in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. We often have Guest Artists visit to share their specific style of dance – everything from Hip Hop to Swing! So whether you’re learning combinations of all different styles or making up your own moves, you are guaranteed a good time with friends, laughter and of course dancing!


Your friends back home won’t believe you when you tell them that you had a role in the camp production this summer! Maybe you came to camp to perfect your Eskimo roll in Kayaking or to rack up a few more 46ers. But after achieving those goals you found yourself in rehearsals for High School Musical. That’s ok, because that’s what happens in the ADK Arts Summer Theater Program!

Using fun games, our theater workshops focus on the essential skills of character and scene development, improvisation, playwriting and acting. The focus here is not on performance but rather to build an “actors tool box” that can be accessed in any situation that requires confidence, creativity and the ability to speak in front of a group.

Campers who want to perform on stage get that chance too! Our newest class, “From Page to Stage” gives students the opportunity to collaborate on their own original mini-musical using popular songs. You never know what creative ideas will bubble up and take shape here!


It doesn’t matter if you’ve never sung before or you’re in your school’s A Cappella group, when you get together and sing with friends (especially camp friends) you’ll have memories that will last a lifetime. At Adirondack we love to sing and we love to make music!

Whether your passion is writing, singing or playing an instrument, you’ll find the inspiration and encouragement to make your own music or join in a group. We’ve got some great programs in the music line-up like ‘Poetry to Harmony’, ‘Glee –fully Singing’ and ‘Garage Band’. So when you’re packing your trunk, don’t forget to bring your favorite instrument along!

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