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ADK Landsports: Rock Climbing

Climbing is a fun, exciting, challenging way to stay fit and enjoy the vertical world. Adirondack Camp is beautifully situated on a private bedrock peninsula at the foot of several awesome natural rock formations ripe for the climbing and perfectly situated for a rock-climbing camp. Fears are conquered and insecurities overcome as experience is gained first hand on repelling and belaying from these spectacular walls.

The rock-climbing camp program at Adirondack is excellent. Our knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic rock-climbing summer camp instructors will teach you a variety of skills in a variety of outdoor settings. Open to all age and ability levels, each week of climbing begins at our state-of-the-art climbing wall tucked neatly away in the same forest that shelters our Awiskini grounds. Campers can climb, rain or shine, under the roofed 30-foot wall, as they practice with basic commands and equipment. When the rock-climbing camp counselors feel it is safe to do so, and everyone is “up” for the challenge, class moves out to our natural cliff faces to practice bouldering, rappelling, setting anchors, lead climbs and perhaps, for the lucky and experienced few…free climbs!

Rock climbers who have mastered the basics can sign up for our more adventurous off-site climbing trips. Our wilderness adventures take campers to a variety of settings including Roger’s Rock and the Keene Valley right here in the Adirondack Mountains and the rock-climbing Mecca of the northeast, Rumney, New Hampshire! Back-country trips are the perfect opportunity to test your rock-climbing skills and stamina in some of the most beautiful, and typically inaccessible, rock-climbing spots New England has to offer.

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