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ADK Landsports: Soccer

Known as “football” by most countries outside of the USA, our summer soccer camp program enjoys its place as one of our most popular at Adirondack. Played smack dab in the center of the peninsula with outstanding panoramic views of Lake George and the Adirondack Mountains on our uniquely angled green (translate “tilted”), the soccer camp field at Adirondack Camp truly lives up to the term “pitch!"

Campers at kids’ soccer camps can expect to improve upon fundamental soccer skills such as ball control, dribbling, trapping, and passing. They even practice hitting the balls with their heads! Often collegiate athletes from around the world, our trained soccer camp coaches teach beginners the rules for throw-ins, penalties, corner and goal kicks. Skills taught at the intermediate and advanced levels include work on kick-offs, side-fouls, top of the foot, left/right curls and chipping techniques for shooting accuracy. Every day at overnight soccer camp is a busy one as summer camp kids learn to slide tackle, hold players, and build walls for competitive team edges.

The summer soccer camp season culminates at our camp for kids in the wildly popular “World Cup” Soccer Tournament held during second session. Players square off against each other in modified games on an abbreviated field with half goals, in order to accommodate many elimination rounds of the 90 campers, who typically sign up, representing some 20 countries!

Spectators abound in a kaleidoscope of colors to cheer on their favorite teams as they move towards winning the “Gold Cup” that is displayed in a place of honor in the camp office. To visit during this festive time is to believe you have landed at an international soccer camp! This daily exhibition of teamwork and soccer summer camp games over the course of several weeks reinforces positive camper/counselor relationships and bonds all of the players in recognition at the end of the season during the annual Awards Banquet.

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