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ADK Wilderness Adventure: Trips & Camping

The Adirondack Camp trips program is many things. It can be a simple drive to a rival camp for a sports competition, a rafting trip down the Hudson River with an outfitter, or rock climbing in the Keene Valley near Chapel Pond. There are many tripping opportunities for campers over the course of a summer season and all are welcome to sign up for one or several of our Five Quests!

The uniquely organized Adirondack Camp Quests will take campers on walking, hiking, paddling, and kayaking journeys they never imagined possible. These adventures take place throughout the entire Adirondack Park and beyond. Each and every one of these exciting trips will bring a level of satisfaction and accomplishment to the camper and contribute to their self-esteem and confidence. We offer each of these Quests every summer, and rotate trips within each Quest for variety and encouragement.

Our Trip staff not only teach wilderness and orienteering skills, but also encourage, support, and care for campers when out on the trail. Our staff lead and inspire children, making sure that every child experiences and enjoys the small (and large) accomplishments along the way. Our highly qualified staff represent our core values and are so passionate about the outdoors that they even climb the Quests for fun on time–off.

Each Quest offers its own set of personal challenges, and each can be tailored for all ability and skill levels. We have something for every camper who desires adventure!


Offered as local day hikes, these “flat walking trails” coincide very well with our nature walks and often include one of the many trails at the base of Black Mountain, Putnam Pond, Lost Pond, or Glenburnie “forever-wild” Nature Conservancy land. These short trips are excellent for our youngest campers and often set them successfully on their way to participate on other trips as they gain confidence and experience hiking.

Lake George Five Alive!

These are five attainable peaks around the rim of Lake George. These well worn mountains are completed in a series of day hikes. They are fairly moderate in ascent and time it takes to reach each summit. These are the first peaks to be offered to our youngest campers. Peaks include: Record, Cook, Buck, Cat, and Black Mountains and all five climbs occur each summer, so a camper can easily complete this Quest in an 8 week session and be awarded a special t-shirt for the accomplishment.

Fire Tower Challenge

There are 23 Adirondack Park Fire Towers built upon mountain summits! Before modern technology, the Adirondack Park Ranger would regularly climb a tower to scan for forest fires. These towers are strategically positioned around the Park, and are still open to the public. Most of these fire towers are still climbable, but none are actively in use. Each offers its own unique and spectacular view of its section of the Park.

We offer fire tower trips in a series of day and overnight hiking experiences and campers enjoy them immensely as they are often less strenuous than an overnight hiking trip. Campers are rewarded with a special t-shirt upon completion of all towers. Trips are rotated over the course of a season in order for campers from each session to climb all of them within a few summers. Attempt 3 fire towers in 3 days? We call this the “Fire Tower Frenzy”! These day trips are larger and very popular with an average grouping of 6 – 10 campers with two Wilderness Certified staff per trip. When a camper climbs all 23 towers – he/she will have gone to the proverbial four corners of Adirondack Park. No other Quest offers a broader view of the Park as a whole and these trips are generally open for 10-12 year olds, but can be expanded to the older as well as younger campers who are interested in them. The climbs may be as short as .3 miles or as long as 15 – so this Quest challenge is not for the weak!

Wild Water Paddles

Campers can hone their canoe tripping skills to an expert level as they portage from pond to pristine pond in search for a route that will return them home. They can experience a quiet only found here on the often beaver-created ponds of the park and relax after a hard days travel and paddle with full gear in this seldom-traveled wilderness. This series of trips begin with an easy overnight paddle on Putnam Pond to day-long paddles on Lake George progressively increasing in difficulty as campers get older to include: Lake Lila and Little Tupper Lake, St. Regis [Floodwood Loop], Long and Tupper Lakes, St Regis with its nine carries total between water, Bog River/ Oswigatchee Traverse and the Whitney Traverse. Canoe experience is a pre-requisite for all of these terrific trips and are chaperoned by two to three Wilderness Certified trip staff who love high adventure on the waters of our Native American predecessors.

Northville-Lake Placid Trail

Experience a truly epic hike along the longest walking trail in the Adirondack Park with 133 miles of Adirondack heartland from the town of Northville all the way to Lake Placid! Each summer we tackle a different section of this moderate trail (114 miles in total) allowing hikers with the strong will and attitude to finish it in just a few summers! Sections include: The Silver Lake Wilderness (4 day backpack, 24 miles), West Canada (4 day backpack, 36 miles), Blue Mountain Saddle (3 day backpack, 17 miles) and Long Lake (4 day backpack, 37 miles).

ADK 46er’s

Take on the challenge of climbing all 46 of the highest peaks over 4,000 feet in height in Adirondack Park during a series of overnight and day trips during your summers with us! “Tripping” is a huge part of the Adirondack Camp experience and campers are encouraged to hike them. The Adirondacks are one of the oldest mountain ranges in America with fascinating geological formations and breathtaking views and, as your peak sponsor; we can help you officially register your completed peaks with the ADK 46er Club.

Hiking in the Adirondacks is a wonderful experience and we rotate all of peaks (even MacNaughton!) over the course of several years for campers to complete them on their list. Peaks range in height and difficulty and are tailored by age-groups and ability. We even offer multi-day trips to accomplish several peaks in a range and each trip is limited to four campers and two Wilderness Certified trip staff per trip. The 46er Quest is the most time intensive and only those committed will have a chance of completing this exciting and endurance-based challenge.

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