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ADK Wilderness Adventure: Wilderness Adventure Camp

Adirondack’s traditional kids summer camp lies within the boundaries of Adirondack Park, New England’s premier wilderness destination, six million acres ripe for adventure! For summer camp boys and girls ages 7-16 we offer a challenging array of offsite trips and adventures into the famed region. Begin the wilderness program as a day-tripper—acquiring basic skills in hiking/camping and canoe tripping. Advance through the program by learning the ethics and first aid skills necessary to be more self-reliant in the backcountry. As an intense tripper you will explore all types of wilderness trails and venture on extended overnight trips into the mountains. The final stage is the hardcore tripper, where not even the sky’s the limit! Learn leadership and orienteering skills, including trailess hiking! The program is point based, but also designed to advance campers’ awareness and appreciation for wilderness ethics. Each natural experience will give you the tools to eventually explore on your own. You can begin at any age or skill level and advance through our wilderness adventure program at the pace you choose. Like all of our camp activities, Adirondack Camp’s tripping program is challenge-by-choice. YOU design your program! Go off-site 12 times during your stay, complete an entire Quest, take a day-hike, sample your favorite activity trip or don’t leave Camp till it’s over. It’s up to YOU!

Wilderness awards, on which campers may set their sights, include: The 46er Award for climbing the most high peaks in the Adirondacks and the Top Mileage prize for most miles traveled on strength of limb (canoeing, hiking). Campers may also be awarded the Wilderness Plaque, the adventure program’s highest honor. All campers participating in wilderness programs must bring the appropriate personal gear in order to participate. We provide all group trips gear: tents, cooking/eating utensils, water filters, backpacks, dry bags and canoes. Investing time in Adirondack exploration is an immensely rewarding option for those looking for more than the in-camp experience.

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