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Head of Wilderness Adventure Trips

“I love hiking and being in the woods, and I have a passion for creating that experience for children. I enjoy seeing them become interested and amazed with nature. Our ADK trips program give campers the opportunity to grow in skill and confidence. Whether hiking mountains, climbing rock walls, or paddling backcountry waterways, Trips allow campers to experience authentic achievement in a wilderness setting.”

Back home in Indiana, Lara is an artist, educator, designer, and, most importantly, a mum. She and husband Kurtt have four children. All are either camper, staff, or alum of Adirondack Camp. Lara teaches high school art. She has directed after-school programs, including leading biking, hiking, sledding, and canoeing excursions with students. This will be her fifth summer bringing both her passion for the outdoors, and her organizational skills to Adirondack’s extensive Wilderness Adventure program.